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Agrometeorology and Facility Engineering
Name Ming-Hwi Yao
Chinese Name 姚銘輝
Position Researcher
  • M.S. (1992) in Agronomy, National Taiwan University, ROC.
  • Ph.D. (2001) in Agronomy, National Taiwan University, ROC.
Specialties Agrometeorology, Crop physiology, Climate change
Office Tel. 886-4-23317715
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Name Chun-Jen Chen
Chinese Name 陳俊仁
Position Assistant Researcher
  • B.S. (1994) in Food Science , National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, ROC.
  • M.S. (1998) in Enviroment Engineering , National Chung-Hsing University, ROC.
Specialties Geographic Information System, Management Information System, Air Quality Model
Office Tel. 886-4-23317711
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