About us

    The Station is located in Hsin-Chu County with its headquarters at Guansi Township and farm at Paoshan Township. The Station is dedicated to the collection, conservation, characterization, propagation, and evaluation of citrus and medicinal herb genetic resources. It is an important repository of citrus and medicinal herb germplasms in northern Taiwan with 147 accessions of citrus and near 1000 accessions of health-promoting medicinal plants.

    Guansi headquarters: The 3.72-hectare premise is dedicated to the selection and cultivation improvement of citrus crops for extension in northern Taiwan, the germplasm conservation of health-promoting plants, and the improvement of varieties and cultivation technologies of xiancao (Mesona chinensis).

    Paoshan farm: The 12-hectare farm is to preserve citrus genetic resources kept as potted plants in the net houses, and woody medicinal herbs in open field. The farm also produces seedlings of woody medicinal herbs for distribution.

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