Horticulture Division

Fruit Tree Lab II

    This lab’s research targets at the collection, conservation, characterization, propagation and evaluation of tropical and subtropical fruits. The lab also engages in the varietal selection and improvement of cultivation technologies for pineapple, avocado and white sapote. At present the lab is conserving 213 species from 117 genera and 47 families of fruit trees of both foreign and domestic origins, and has selected 800 accessions among them for demonstration to the public, business and researchers for further use. The lab has developed a series of pineapple varieties from Tainung No. 13 to No. 22, and avocado Tainung No. 1 and No. 2.

    In addressing the threats posed by global food security, extreme climate and energy crunch, the lab’s research efforts will: 1) continue collection and evaluation of tropical and subtropical fruit trees; 2) strengthen varietal improvement of tropical and subtropical fruits that are of economic value; and 3) address the cultivation problems of those established tropical and subtropical fruit cultivars. Through these research efforts, it is expected to increase the competitiveness of the targeted tropical and subtropical fruits.

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