Plant Protection Division

Plant Pathology Laboratory

    The lab engages in disease characterization, epidemiology and control measures of fungal, viral and bacterial pathogens of sweet potato, citrus, lychee, longan, pineapple, mango, and yam. The research activities include: 1) hot water treatment to control postharvest diseases of tropical fruits; 2) identification, diagnosis and control measures of fruit rot diseases of tropical fruit trees; 3) lychee downy blight and anthracnose diseases; 4) strategies to control sweet potato foot rot disease; 5) fruit diseases of avocado, pineapple and papaya; 6) collection, conservation and utilization of beneficial microbial Trichoderma spp.; 7) potato diseases; 8) viral diseases of sweet potato; 9) testing of disease-free seedlings of sweet potato, citrus and Anthurium; 10) mass propagation techniques for disease-free yam seedlings; and 11) disease and insect pest diagnosis services.

UPDATE:2013-03-19 10:50:00
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