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Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan--About Us-Video


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Nothing matters more than food for the people. There's no understating the importance of agriculture to Taiwan.

Established nearly 120 years ago, the Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute is one of the major government institutions for development of agriculture in Taiwan.

As the nation's economic development dictates, it is charged with conducting strategic fundamental and applied R&D to sustain agricultural development.

In turn, it has contributed to Taiwan's food output, agrarian economy and ecological environment.

The institute is staffed with professionals with expertise in various agricultural disciplines.

It is responsible for conducting experiments relating to plant germplasm conservation, biotechnologies, soil and environmental sustainability, pest control, agricultural machinery, farming industries, agricultural information systems, etc.

It has the capability to develop comprehensive solutions for agricultural production.

The objectives are to maximize its R&D effectiveness and encourage knowledge sharing, thereby pushing Taiwan's agricultural development up another rung.