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Control techniques of stored-product insect pests in paddy rice storehouses

    Storage Insect Pest Laboratory studies mainly to solve pest problems of long-term storage about 50 million tons rice in Taiwan. In addition to the development of new pest control technologies, and to develop pest-management norm is expected to be reduced about 2% the amount of pest damage. Control effects on the economic benefits over NT$ 100 million annually. To reduce the use of insecticides, our lab developed light trap to control stored- products insect pests. Attraction for Rhyzopertha dominica and Cadra cautella have excellent results, captured 5 million pests in two weeks per barn. Subsequently developed the light-emitting diode light trap of Rhyzopertha dominica and patented device, it could be an effective device to lower the densities of insect pests in all types of rice storage areas, but also to enhance the use of the security. Develop pest-management norms more important than in the development of new pest control techniques, because the phases of stored-products insect pests were different with the phases of rice-planted fields. After storage of the rice pest sources, mainly from the four phases (drying paddy, rice storage, rice processing, and product storage) different sources invade rice hazards. We established the rice pest control standard operating procedures in pest-management norms. In the four stages of rice storage can effectively remove the sources of pollution, such as the stages of rice storage using light trap and gauze barrier, more reduced invasion of pests. With play a "prevention is better than cure" concept, will make the implementation of pest control effect.