Rice Crop Laboratory

About us

 Based on the traditional rice breeding system, the lab actively continues the expansion of inheritable mutated materials to enlarge genetic background, the use of molecular markers in the trait selection, and the introgression of desirable genes or alleles from the wild relatives of cultivated rice. These efforts have generated diverse new rice varieties with various purposes that boost sustainable rice industry in Taiwan. Some of the new rice varieties are Japonica Tainung No. 67, 69, 71, 75, 77, 79, glutinous 73; and glutinous Indica Tainung No. 2 and 21.

 In view of the aggravating impact of increasing frequency and strength of extreme weather elements on agricultural production in the recent years, the adaptation of rice production to climate change is imperative and will require vigorous and concerted efforts. On this theme, this lab will focus on: 1) systematic collection of rice genetic resources; 2) mutation and interspecific hybridization to produce novel varieties; 3) rapid assessment of targeted traits; 4) effective varietal improvement platform; 5) development and application of cultivation technologies for adaptation to climate change; and 6) collaboration with district agricultural research and extension stations on the varietal improvement.

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