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 By incorporating the concept of leisure pursuits, tourism and sustainable management, the lab’s endeavor is to enhance the competitiveness of the fruit industry. Toward this end, the lab engages in the improvement of crop varieties and cultivation management.

 The varietal improvement of pear, loquat, strawberry, peach, plum, persimmon, and table grape aims at low chilling requirement, large fruit, low acidity, high quality, bright appearance, different aromas and harvesting seasons, and suitability for fresh eating or processing. The drive is to augment the diversity of fruit types, increase the farm incomes, abate the pollution in the catchment area, and mitigate the occurrence and impact of soil erosion in the highland area. Recently released varieties include: peach Tainung No. 1 (Premier), Tainung No. 3 (Chuenfeng), and Tainung No. 2 (Xiami); table grape Tainung No. 1 (Chuenfeng); pear Tainung No. 3 (Yujinxiang); and loquat Tainung No. 1 (Golden Jade), Tainung No. 2 (Surprise), and Tainung No. 3 (It's True).

 The improvement of the cultivation and management practices focuses on automation for orchard management, regulation of production season, high-density U-pick farm, and net house production system. The idea is to secure high yielding, superior quality, safety and sanitation.

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