Vegetable Crops Laboratory

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 The objectives of the varietal improvement are disease and insect resistance, abiotic stress tolerance, and high yielding with premium quality in cucurbit vegetables; and applications of male sterility in cruciferous vegetables in heterosis. Some of the recent improved varieties are: muskmelon Tainung No. 10; wax melon Tainung No. 2; and non-heading Chinese cabbage No. 4. Breeding lines or inbred lines of melon, watermelon, cucumber, bitter melon, radish and Chinese kale with disease resistance, heat tolerance, high yielding and fine quality were also created for developing superior new varieties. Furthermore, a native radish male sterility line was exploited to develop the three-line hybrid system for cabbage variety development and cruciferous seed production through intergeneric hybridization.

 For the crop management research, it aims at food safety and quality standards of bean products, and premium quality products of cucurbit vegetables through intensive facility cultivation techniques.

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