Pesticide Research Laboratory

About us

 The research centers on the rationale use of pesticides. And the research activities include: 1) the clarification of the relationship between pesticide resistance and cross resistance in diamondback moth and other important lepidopterous pests so as to simplify the use of pesticides; 2) the determination on the terms of use and the regional control strategy of pheromones and baits to melon fruit fly so as to reduce the use of pesticides; 3) the establishment of the monitoring and information networking system for important insect pests; 4) the development of the rapid pesticide residue detection techniques; 5) the provision of assistance to implement an efficient and effective pesticide residue detection system in the food supply chain to ensure food safety; and 6) the international cooperation on the residue detection.

UPDATE:2021-11-26 09:37:00
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