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Journal of Taiwan Agricultural Research

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01 (Vol. 67, No.4)Taxonomic Description of Idolothripinae (Thysanoptera: Tubulifera: Phlaeothripidae) of Taiwan. I. Tribe Idolothripini   20 
02 (Vol. 67, No.4)Reduction in Genetic Variability for Quantitative Trait Prescutellar Bristle Number of Melon Fly [Bactrocera (Zeugodacus) cucurbitae (Coquillett)]   16 
03 (Vol. 67, No.4)Investigation of Pepper mild mottle virus on Peppers and the Disinfection of Cutting Tools in Taiwan   21 
04 (Vol. 67, No.4)Preliminary Study of Lentinus edodes Stipe Extracts on Reducing the Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease in Diabetic Animal Model   27 
05 (Vol. 67, No.4)Assessing the Effects of Soil Washing with Ferric Chloride on Cadmium Removal, Soil Properties and Rice Growth in Cd-containing Paddy Fields   37 
06 (Vol. 67, No.4)Control of Bacterial Wilt of Potato with Neutralized Phosphorous Acid   37 
07 (Vol. 67, No.4)Physiological Characteristics, Pathogenicity and Fungicide Screening of Citrus Alternaria Brown Spot Disease Caused by Alternaria alternata   34 
08 (Vol. 67, No.4)Effect of Plant Growth Regulator and Two-Stage Culture on Proliferation and Growth of In Vitro Ginger Plantlets   35 
09 (Vol. 67, No.3)Molecular and Serological Identification of Gloriosa stripe mosaic virus on Christmas Bells (Sandersonia aurantiaca Hook)   83 
10 (Vol. 67, No.3)Effects of Colchicine Treatments on Polyploidy Induction Using Protocorms of Phalaenopsis pulcherrima fma. coerulea   57 
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