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Optimization and Value-Added Industrial Chain Establishment Through Safe and Functional Products Development

5 targets: anti-aging, anti-stress, eye-protection, regulation of metabolic syndromes and advanced topical formulas

Anti-aging-to improve memory and learning ability

Various fungal materials
Various fungal materials

Sport Aged mice activity
Gait Foot pressure
Active avoidance Successful times
Passive avoidance Time spent in Light Space
Aging characters Aging index
Survival Fruit fly survival rate

Anti-stress-to improve acute and chronic stresses

Various fungal materials
Various fungal materials

Neural cell protection PC12 cell line
Acute stress
    Forcing swimming
Mice swimming time
Chronic stress
    Sucrose preference
    Open space

Mice intake amount
Mice moving distance/frequency

Neurotransmitters Mice dopamine、serotonin

Rice varieties rich in anthocyanin-for anti-aging with anti-oxidative activities

Rice varieties rich in anthocyanin (Purple waxy rice, Red waxy  rice, TNG76 Golden rice, TNG78 Giant-embryo rice)

18 recipes

Purple Waxy Rice applied in bakery recipes

Purple Waxy Rice applied in bakery recipes (PIZZA, Cake, Cookies, Soufflé, Bread, Bun, Brownie, Chiffon cake, Fresh cream roll)

Banana resistant starch-to regulate metabolic syndromes

Tested ice cream

65% Banana starch

Recipe: banana resistant starch, effectively alleviated postprandial blood sugar increment in animal tests


Whole grain flour of high amylose content Corn-to regulate metabolic syndromes

Whole grain flour of high amylose content Corn Functional raw material
  • High AC variety
  • GAP production
  • GMP Processing
  • Animal test

Functional Products

  • Whole grain flour
  • For various recipes
  • Long-storage life
  • Functional starchy foods

Rice bran essential oil-wound healing formula

SPF Swine species-wound tissue dissections
SPF Swine species-wound tissue dissections
Granulation tissue: wound healing better than medicine treatment

Herbal formula-enhancing hair growth 

Herbal formula-enhancing hair growth (Control Day 22, 5% Minoxidil Day 22, Herbal formula Day 22)

Bidens pilosa GACP development-to regulate metabolic syndromes

Plant multipli-cation→Field management→Integrated Pest Management→Mechanical harvesting→Raw material processing
Therapy strategy for diabetes (Chemical finger printing: bioactive indicators, HPLC profile; GACP developed by monitoring bioactive compounds)