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Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan--Research units-Agricultural Economics Division-Operations Management Research Laboratory

Operations Management Research Laboratory

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*Agricultural operations research

    The lab applies the concepts, strategies and techniques of business management on improving farm operations, enhancing management efficiency and increasing the farmers’ profits. In order to assist the new farmers or the farmers who plan to change prevailing operation modes, this lab institutes the database on agricultural technology system and systematizes the operation modes. And to facilitate the preparation of project plans related to the farm operation management, the lab creates the measurable parameters for assessing the effectiveness of implementing the projects.

*Training of agricultural operations personnel

    All agricultural operations need efficient managers to handle. In this regard, the concepts of business management and improvement measures need to be incorporated into the prevailing agricultural system, and the rational development of agricultural business enterprise promoted. Under this premise, the lab conducts training of technical specialists and extension personnel from the Council of Agriculture as future trainers. The training program includes lectures and practicum of business management principles and techniques related to operation, finance and business; certification of agricultural business managers; and development of agricultural consulting service-personnel to advise farmers on market-oriented agriculture.