Flower Environment Laboratory

    The research focuses are placed on: 1) the application of biotechnology, protected cultivation and/or growth regulation to improve flower production and cultivation models so as to increase flower quality and business competitive edge; 2) the collection and characterization of flower plant germplasms; 3) the mass production of new varieties; and 4) the utilization of flower materials. The current research themes include hydroponic cultivation of Anthurium, growth regulation of Oncidium as flowering pot plants or cut flowers, mass production model of Phalaenopsis, orchid cultivation medium and fertilizer management, and orchid flowering physiology. In the future, the research themes will take in the pot planting system of tree seedlings, the cultivation and production technology for flower plants intended for edible flower pigments and aromas, and production environment and quality improvement of major flower species.

UPDATE:2013-03-14 16:45:00
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