Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan--Research units-Chiayi Agricultural Experiment Branch-Plant Protection Division

Plant Protection Division

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    The Division’s research program encompasses causal factors, ecology and control measures of diseases and insect pests, and development and utilization of beneficial microorganisms. The research entails the diagnosis of the pathogens and their physiological differentiation, disease epidemiology, biological and integrated disease controls of the major diseases, insect pest ecology, monitoring and forecasting of insect pest outbreaks, crop insect resistance, integrated pest management, and screening and evaluation for the effective beneficial microorganisms to control diseases and insect pests.

Plant Protection Division list
NO Title   hit
01 Plant Pathology Laboratory   578 
02 Plant Pathology Laboratory Staff   648 
03 Entomology Laboratory   551 
04 Entomology Laboratory Staff   543