About us

 The Division regards farm management as the science (and art) of optimizing the use of resources to make crop production systems profitable under sustainable and environment-friendly conditions. The Division’s major tasks are as follows:

1.Verifying platform for R&D outputs:

To verify the applicability of research outputs and developed technologies, enhance industrialization and entrepreneurship of developed technologies, promote technology modularization and customization, and prove the applicability of modularization and customization.

2.Training platform for acquiring new technologies:

To provide participative classroom exercises and regular field verification activities related to the crop management practices that increase farm incomes and reduce environmental impacts.

3.Integrating platform for diverse crop productions:

To integrate the best of various developed technologies and apply them in city beautification, green walling, protected production of fruit and vegetables, and medicinal plant and seedling production systems that add values to individual technologies.

4.Service platform for internal R&D:

To maintain sustainable farm land that is basic to agricultural research, and to provide on-demand land preparation, temporary work force, materials, farm equipment, simple greenhouses and net houses, etc. to all research divisions.

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