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    The Division’s R&D themes include identification and taxonomy of insects and mites; conservation, mass production and application of natural enemies; integrated pest (insects, mites and noxious animals) managements and their regional integration; development of pest lures; surveillance of major invasive pests; safe pesticide application and rapid pesticide residue screening; etc. Some of the research activities include: 1) the study on identification, ecological habits and population dynamics of crop pests; 2) the monitoring and forecasting of pest outbreaks to help farmers decide timing control measures; 3) the establishment of chemical and non-chemical pest control methods; and 4) the development of integrated pest control systems and management strategies for major pests. Moreover, in cooperation with regional agricultural research and extension stations, a comprehensive nationwide surveillance system was formed to monitor for a wider range of high-risk pests than currently occur. To enhance the system’s effectiveness, efforts are taken to improve diagnostic methods and develop an efficient information query platform. This surveillance system is expected to significantly reduce pest outbreaks and uphold the balance of nature for a stable safe agricultural production system. The Division has five laboratories to conduct the above-mentioned activities.

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