Research activities and future perspectives

     TARI conducts both basic and applied research for agronomic and horticultural crops in the fields of breeding and genetics, physiology, tissue culture, biotechnology, soils fertility and plant nutrition, diseases and pest managements, farm machineries, meteorology, agricultural economics, and extension. The varieties and technologies developed by the institute in the last fifty years have contributed greatly to agricultural productions in Taiwan and a rapid progress in rural economic development. In future, TARI will adopt more advanced, integrated, and global strategies for research to continuously assure her perspective which will include:

1. Improvement of crop breeding and cultivation techniques;

2. Strengthening research and application of biotechnology;

3. Germplasms collection and preservation for biodiversity;

4. Improvement of post-harvest techniques;

5. Development of non-chemical measures and new quarantine techniques and strengthening research on cooperation, technology transfers, and international agricultural exchange. We expect these advanced technologies could upgrade agricultural industry and maintain a prosperous development in Taiwan. Some of the most important research activities and recent accomplishment are summarized in other sections.

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