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  This division’s research spans a spectrum of areas, from basic plant science to cropping systems that are environmentally friendly and economically viable. It accounts for crops grown for food, health care, animal feed, and ornamental purposes. Crop science research addresses biotic and abiotic factors that limit or reduce crop performance and postharvest factors that affect eating quality, processing quality, storability, and shipping quality.The division employs various approaches to enhance crop productivity and research efficiency: biotechnology, breeding, cultivation improvement, experimental design, agricultural information management, and other modern technologies. The division has four laboratories: agronomy laboratory, horticulture laboratory, crop physiology, statistics, and postharvest research laboratory and Guansi experiment station. Through these labs, our crop scientists seek to improve our targeted crops' productivity, profitability, sustainability, and quality.

UPDATE:2023-08-03 16:14:00
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