About us

    The Division engages in the study of on-site soil resources, plant nutrition, beneficial microorganisms, agro-environmental protection, and product and processing chemistry. Its staff continues to strive for developing science-based practical innovative cultivation techniques. The Division is also enriching the soil database for integrating with a geographic information system in the development of an expert system for soil and environment management. The latter will facilitate developing land and water management strategies for sustainable use of soil and water resources. And to serve the public at large, the Division has set up the "Soil and Plant Nutrient Diagnosis Center" to provide services in soil tests and plant tissue analyses, and recommendations of fertilization and soil amendments. The Division has also established the "Taiwan Soil Museum" to educate the visitors on the role of soils in life and ecosystems and the enormous variation of soil types in Taiwan. The museum exhibits soil monoliths with full profile descriptions that will assist researchers, farmers, students and environmentalists in understanding the potential of specific soil type in a particular location.

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