Department of Horticulture

Fruit Tree Lab I

    This lab’s research aims at germplasm collection, cross breeding for improved varieties, improvement of cultivation technologies, development and application of postharvest processing, and development of value-added fruit products for citrus, lychee and longon. The recent developed varieties include citrus Tainung No. 1 (Gold); citrus Tainung Giant; kumquat Tainung No. 1 (Citrine); and lychee Tainung No. 1 (Tsuey Yuh), Tainung No. 3 (Rose Red), Tainung No. 5 (Ruby), and Tainung No. 7 (Early Big). The above varieties are welcomed by the farmers because they provide diverse options of taste and use with dispersed production periods, and are storable.

    In addition, the lab has established the citrus disease-free seedling production system; technique to stabilize lychee flowering with integrated application of pruning, girdling, winter shoot tip removal, and high potassium and phosphorus liquid fertilization; and formulation to reduce pineapple stalk cracking and thus reduce the field loss. Moreover, the lab has developed various value-added fruit products such as orange peel confection, pineapple soft candy, pineapple tea bag, pineapple cooking package, and pineapple flavored drinks.

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