Agrometeorology and Facility Engineering

About us

 The lab is conducting long-term weather observations across Taiwan. The collected weather data and related information such as probability and statistics of natural disasters, agroclimatic zoning, and crop yield forecasting render farmers and policymakers many potential applications including: choosing proper crops and varieties; determining favorable periods for sowing and harvesting; establishing areas where farming is possible and where irrigation has to be applied; finding the optimum range of climatic variables for increasing crop yields; and determining requirements and potentialities for efficient storage and transportation of agricultural products. In addition, this lab is developing meteorological throughput technology that is non-destructive and remotely controlled with long-term monitoring capability to overcome the bottleneck of agricultural environmental monitoring. Moreover, based on the continuous improvement in specialized agrometeorological techniques and information systems, the lab takes one step forward to develop micro-climate and environmental control technologies. And by integrating with crop physiology sensing techniques and practical experience in crop production, this lab is developing key technologies related to facility cultivation technology and plant factory industry.

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