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Diversification and Utilization of Agricultural Products

Edible products

*Processed sweet potato products

    Numerous processed sweet potato products have been developed, including chips, French fries, deep-fried sweet potato balls, noodles, glutinous dumplings, steamed buns, candies, baked sweet potato, and candied sweet potato.

Sweet potato noodles; Sweet potato glutinous dumpling; Sweet potato steamed buns;Sweet potato french fries and balls

*Functional wine

    In response to the growing interest in healthy living, herbs and liquor have been combined to produce functional wine. The drink has an alcohol content of approximately 10% to 12% (V/V) and a moderate taste, rich color, and unique, appealing flavor. It is an ideal choice for people who are health conscious but also enjoy an occasional drink.

Formula of chinese herbal (left); Functional wine (right)

*Low-calorie food additive: Auricularia polysaccharides and fiber

      The extract of Auricularia polytricha, Taiwan’s main variety of cultivated fungus, can reduce osteoporosis in menopausal women. Extraction byproducts contain many nonabsorbable fungal polysaccharides and fibers that are natural thickeners and emulsifiers and can be used to make low-fat salad and German sausage, low-calorie polysaccharide drinks, and high-fiber cookies, among other products.

low-fat salad; low-fat German sausage; high-fiber cookies; low-calorie polysaccharides drinks

Nonedible products

*Novel utilization of Tremella polysaccharides

    Tremella polysaccharides extracted from the fruiting bodies of Tremella fuciformis Berk have high moisture retention capacity and can be used as natural ingredients in moisturizing cosmetics, there are known as botanical hyaluronic acid. Tremella polysaccharide extract also has antiinflammatory effects, adding sodium alginate mixed spinning made Tremella nonwoven dressing, can promote wound healing when used as a dressing material.

Novel utilization of Tremella polysaccharides: Tremella polysaccharidess (left)

*Processed rice products

    The rice bran and embryo of golden rice, giant embryo rice, and purple scented rice serve as the raw ingredients in the manufacturing of rice bran and embryo beauty soap, distillers’ dried grain soap, rice bran polisher, rice whitening lotion, and rice hydrating serum.

Rice bran and embryo beauty soap (left); Rice hydrating serum (right)