The symposium of resilient agriculture research

The symposium of resilient agriculture research regarding the adaptation measures and risk management to cope with climate change was held by the Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute (TARI) on November 28, 2022. Team members of the resilient agriculture project and private sectors were invited to share their experiences on relevant research from 2020 to 2022. Hopefully the technologies developed by all agricultural sectors will be applied to the industry for helping reduce the impact of climate change.

TARI has focused on the rising temperature, agricultural water resource shortage and natural disaster increase and therefore integrated the research of COA, corporations and universities to develop adaptation technologies on paddy rice, grain crop, fruit tree, vegetable, grouper, tilapia, Pacific white shrimp, milky cow, milky goat and White Roman goose since 2020. With the strengthening of basic facilities, stabilization of production environment, enhancement of crop, livestock and fishery resilience and establishment of adaptation network, feasible implementation methods were designed to ultimately conduct resilient agriculture in Taiwan.

UPDATE:2022-11-29 16:01:00
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